“Bricklaying Crisis” Expected

Amid all the growth and economic recovery, experts are predicting a crisis there is a perilous shortage of bricklayers throughout the UK. A report by the Construction Products Association shows house building is back on the rise but between January and March a whopping 60% of construction firms said they had trouble finding a bricklayer which includes Staffordshire and surrounding areas. We have seen first hand how the trade has been affected and the latest reports make uncomfortable reading. But, there are still numerous questions that need answering over the shortage.

Bricklaying Staffordshire

Why the Shortage in Bricklayers?

There have been numerous reasons put forward to explain the shortage with one being the construction downturn in 2006 when around 400,000 left the trade over a five year period. Bricklaying in particular was hard hit as construction projects came to a virtual standstill. However, the same study showed that plasterers and carpenters weren’t nearly as hard to come by when compared to the bricklaying trade. It’s thought this is because unlike these other trades, bricklayers in particular rely heavily on new house building which was halted for many years. Now, with new more new houses being built every year, the shortage of qualified bricklayers is starting to cause real problems.

How Staffordshire Brickies Can Help

We are fortunate enough to have a highly skilled team of qualified and experienced bricklayers who managed to get through the economic downturn. As a result, we have become on of the most sought after bricklayers in Staffordshire and are expanding as a result. The housebuilding market is intrinsically linked with the bricklaying trade so it’s crucial more people begin learning the trade or ex-brickies pick up their trowels once again to keep the boom going.

If you would like to know more about our bricklaying services in Staffordshire, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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